How To Spruce Up Floorboards

Floorboards are unique pieces of wood that can provide many tones for a house. From warm and rustic cabins to hard wooden floors that take you back to the past, it can be very interesting to create a wooden floor that perfectly matches the story of your home.

However, the important part that makes your floorboards interesting is how you choose to spruce them up. Create interest in your floorboards by using color, patterns, and even random width flooring to help make every single room interesting no matter what.

Not all wood floors have to be the exact same length and texture, and varying the patterns, sizes, and even the thickness of the wood can help keep the room fresh. If you want your room to look like a checkerboard or have every fifth piece be a slightly different color, then it will only add to the flavor of the room.

Pick colors that are out of your normal comfort zone, and you’d be surprised how certain colors that aren’t considered color partners are often put together beautifully and really compliment a room. Colorful floors also allow you to change the color and look of a room, just with a few changes in furniture.

In addition, you can even paint your existing floors, and while it takes some doing depending on the type of wood you have it can really make a difference. Create a design, contrast two colors, or just make a pattern and let your imagination run free, no matter what it will be fun.

random width flooring

Sprucing up existing floorboards or working to install new ones doesn’t have to be an expensive experience, and with a little color and imagination you can focus on making every wooden floor in your home tell a different story.