Natural Documentary Victoria & Vancouver Wedding Photography

Hello! I’m Stefanie. I’m a documentary wedding photographer drawn to real moments. I’m passionate about creating images that feel authentic and capture genuine emotions. My photography explores the way we love, the depth of our connections, the moments that last in our memory filled with joy, love, quiet & laughter. I photograph weddings all over the beautiful west coast of BC- Victoria, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands. Read on to learn more about what to expect when I photograph your wedding!

What to Expect

A Natural Experience

Your experience on your wedding day is just as important as the images we create. And both should feel authentic, effortless and true to who you are. So relax, just be yourself. I think you’re awesome just as you are.

“The photos felt like a day out with friends. The entire experience was fun and natural.”

Feel Authentic

Instead of feeling overly posed during your wedding portraits, it’ll be a time for you to connect with each other on your wedding day. There’s no need to fake it for the camera. Just be joyful, enjoy each others company! I’ve got plenty of tricks to keep you feeling relaxed and interacting naturally. Together, we’ll create heartfelt, meaningful images that really reflect your relationship and your love.

“It was obvious you have a way of capturing those moments and emotions that define a relationship. You put us at such ease.”

Moment-driven Photography

My favourite photographs are the ones that you can feel, the ones that draw you right back into the moment. My style of candid wedding photography captures genuine moments, emotions, and expressions that reflect people’s true personalities. So you’ll be able to look back at your images and remember how you felt in that moment.

“Stefanie did a great job of getting those natural moments, easy smiles and laughs between friends and tender looks between lovers that remind me of the fantastic day we had.”

Organic Storytelling

My style combines fine art & photojournalism to tell your story naturally through beautifully crafted images. I gather all the little moments of your wedding and weave them together to tell the story of your day- from big bear hugs, bursts of laughter, and teary eyed smiles to the twinkling candlelight and the sun setting behind the trees. I’m unobtrusive and calm so you’re free to enjoy yourself and let the day unfold naturally without me getting in your way.

“We loved the way you blended so into the wedding and were able to capture so many wonderful candid shots of our family and friends.”


Documentary wedding photographer

Intrigued and looking for a documentary wedding photographer? Why not view my portfolio next or some of my favourite weddings below? Or see what others have been saying on Google Review? When you’re ready, contact me for more info & pricing details.

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