DIY A/C Maintenance

Did you know that maintaining your HVAC system is something that you can contribute to if you want to keep it running smoothly throughout the year? Although you will need to hire a professional to come out to handle major issues, don’t miss out on the things that you can do to keep your property at its best.

Want to know more about some of the DIY A/C maintenance tasks that you can complete without the help of the pros? It is important that you maintain the unit and now you can do it. Use the tips below to help you maintain the HVAC unit.

·    Change the filter on your A/C unit no less than once every three months, although some should be changed on a monthly basis. Clogged air filters cause massive trouble with the HVAC unit but also impede the indoor air quality in the home.

·    Do not place any type of objects in front of the A/C unit because this may prevent the air from properly blowing out. This may also cause discomfort around the house.

·    Keep the A/C unit clean. Yes, your A/C unit can get dirty and accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, so it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis so that it works as it should.

·    Is the coolant in the A/C low? This is a problem that you don’t want to experience. Check it now and call an air conditioner professional to make a refill if it is low.

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Make sure you also schedule hvac maintenance virginia once per year to keep the unit operating efficiently. This is a great service that prolongs the unit and the life expectancy of it, all while improving the comfort that you enjoy in the home.